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Below are comments that have been made in regards to David's career up to date:

"I have known young Pearce since he was a lad. In an amazingly short time he has reached a high professional standard. How high I hear you ask? High enough that I gladly pay for his services in the John Miller Orchestra. He even joins the trombone jazz rat race in our version of the ' 2 O'Clock Jump ' on Bass Bone. No mean feat. See you David, keep it up."
- John Miller - Musical Director of the John Miller Orchestra

"David, congratulations with your new website. I am impressed with the look of it and it shows your artistic style perfectly...Keep sliding my friend."
- Ben Van-Dijk - Soloist and bass trombonist of the Rotterdam Philharmonic

"Having taught David at the RNCM I have always taken an interest in his career and with this extremely resourceful website it is clear that he continues to be a motivated and versatile all round musician."
- Chris Houlding - trombonist, conductor and tutor of trombone

"David Pearce is a highly professional, motivated and talented trombonist. He is knowledgeable with an extensive repertoire, loves his music and it shows through! David is easy to work with and is certainly one musician I would recommend highly to anyone."
- Wes Peile - Sound in Focus

"From an early age David has shown great commitment and focus. He has worked hard to realise his undoubted potential as his present position shows. Keep it up David...it always needs working at but it's real job satisfaction!"
- Doug Wilkie - past tutor of David Pearce

"I have had the pleasure to work with David on many occasions. It has been a great joy to see him progress from being a very enthusiastic and passionate musician at music college to being a driven, hard working and knowledgeable professional musician. His skills on the trombone are clear and obvious to anyone that has the pleasure of listening to him but his understanding of music is what makes him stand out from the crowd. David, congratulations on your great site and I wish you every success."
- Jim Bulger - Freelance Trumpeter

"David is a very versatile musician and talented trombonist - he owns my respect and admiration for this."
- Marianne Devos - Violinist with the Broadway Production of "The Lion King", Paris

"I have worked with this guy - he is good! See you sometime!"
- John Brennan - big band vocalist

"During the performance of 'Tuxedo Junction' the Nick Ross Orchestra's four trombones played in and around the theatre, and for a minute or so David Pearce gave me a personal 'serenade'. I will long remember his kindness and the superb musicianship of the NRO."
- Mr M T Keene - after a Nick Ross Orchestra concert at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon, 2010


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