Musical director. . .

In addition to studying trombone at the Royal Northern College of Music, David also studied conducting with renown conductors Sir Mark Elder, Clark Rundell and Philippe Bach. He gained invaluable experience conducting a wide variety of ensembles, including the RNCM Chamber Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, Wind Orchestra, as well as small chamber and brass ensembles. Coupled with his love of big band music and conducting, David went on to form his own professional big band in 2004.

David Pearce - conductor

From 2006 David also played with the John Miller Orchestra, formerly the Herb Miller Orchestra. When John Miller passed away in June 2021, David was bestowed the honour of leadership and musical director of the band. An honour he holds in the highest regard.

In September 2019 David formed the Louth Wind Orchestra where he is the current musical director. The orchestra is open to anyone who plays a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument and weekly rehearsals are held in Louth. The orchestra play various concerts through-out the year, with a varied repertoire from musicals, pop, swing, jazz and even rock!

As well as the regular ensembles he conducts, David is often called upon to guest conduct for both amateur and professional groups. He is also the regular coach and director of the Slidekicks Trombone Quartet and the Bluestones Big Band, both based in Lincolnshire.

"Good luck to The Dave Pearce Orchestra, swing music is in safe hands. Well done for forming it!"

- the late Don Lusher, OBE

"David is both exacting and forgiving in rehearsals, improving our playing and getting the best out of us, gently and always with good humour. "

- A Clifton, trombonist, Louth Wind Orchestra

"Your talent and dedication to the history of big band music humbles me. You are, without a doubt, the future of a second generation of big band leaders!"

- Jan Eberle, daughter to the original Glenn Miller Orchestra vocalist, Ray Eberle

"David’s conducting is clear, particularly followable and consistently so which is more than could be said of many conductors in the amateur world and even the professional world. David has probably been influenced by those under whom he has worked in his wide-ranging professional career. He is helpful with the amateurs in his care in the notable guidance he gives in, for example, rubato or rallentando passages and his extensive musical experience in many genres shows itself here with particular sensitivity and good humour. He is also understanding of musicians’ technical abilities and musical limitations and invariably encourages them to give their best and raise their game to the great benefit of all in the musical ensembles I have been part of."

- R Tagg, Bass Trombonist, Louth Wind Orchestra